International Bandwidth 2001
Guide to Bandwidth Supply and Demand

April 2001 400 Pages.

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International Bandwidth 2001
Guide to Bandwidth Supply and Demand

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Haul Networks

Definitive treatise on the complex market for building, buying, and selling long-haul network capacity has been revised and expanded to include more accurate pricing statistics, comparative demand analysis, and over 100 new system profiles. Other updated sections include:

Profiles of over 150 major submarine, terrestrial, and satellite communications systems In-depth comparative analysis of bandwidth demand models, including updated market estimates Bandwidth supply projections to 2003 Plain-English primers on fiber-optic technology, satellite capacity, network ends, and bandwidth traders Strategies for optimizing bandwidth investments

Special New Features

Expanded, real-world pricing data for provisioned capacity, wavelengths, and dark fiber
Added coverage of European and Mediterranean submarine cable systems, plus North and South American terrestrial networks Comparison of circuit costs, discounts, and buying arrangements

Over 150 Network Profiles

69 Submarine Cable Systems

  • Features 21 regional systems in the Mediterranean,
    Baltic, and North Seas.
  • System details include capacity details, largest owners,
    and landing points.

62 Terrestrial Networks

  • Features systems in Europe, North America, and South
  • System details include city connectivity and MAN
    presence for year-end 2000 and 2001.

21 Satellite Systems

  • System details include inclined and leased transponder
    status, C- and Ku-band breakdown, as well as
    information on satellite life cycles and scheduled

Table of Contents

List of Network Profiles
List of Figures 
Executive Summary


  • Fiber Optic Networks: Suppliers and Products
    • Supply Increase 
    • Bandwidth Products
    • Financial Arrangements
  • Fiber Optic Networks:  Technology and Costs
    • Transmission
    • Switching and Management 
    • Comparing Terrestrial and Submarine Networks
    • Costs 
  • Fiber Optic Networks:  Prices
    • Provisioned Circuits
    • Wavelengths
    • Dark Fiber
    • Other Elements in Pricing
  • Satellite Systems
    • A Satellite Technology Primer
    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Pricing
  • At Network’s End:  Colocation and MANs
    • Colocation Facilities
    • MANs:  The Missing Link


  • Quantifying Demand
    • Network Deployment:  Predictive Models
    • Network Deployment:  TeleGeography Research
    • Idle Capacity
    • Supply versus Demand:  Bandwidth Glut?
  • Buying & Trading Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Buying Strategies 
  • Trading Bandwidth  

Network Profiles

  • Submarine Cable Systems
  • Terrestrial Networks—Americas
  • Terrestrial Networks—Europe
  • Satellite Systems 


  • Glossary 
  • A Primer on Bits


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