The Education Congressman

Named the Education Congressman by President George Bush, Silvio Conte was widely recognized as the most vocal and successful congressional advocate of funding for education programs.

Over his 32 years in Congress, serving on the Appropriations Committee, the last twelve as the Ranking Minority Member on both the full committee and the Labor Health And Human Services and Education subcommittee, Silvio Conte helped build the funding for federal education programs from $1.4 billion to the Education Congressman by President

He personally sponsored amendments adding hundreds of millions of dollars to student aid programs, including Pell grants, Supplemental grants (SEOG), work study programs, and the Upward Bound and other TRIO programs for disadvantaged and minority students.

He defended those programs against all attempts to cut them back, including successfully leading overrides of presidential vetoes.

His efforts were recognized across the country, earning him 26 honorary degrees, Six University medals, and countless awards and citations.

Letter from Corinne L. Conte

Dear Friend:

Shortly before Sil passed away, someone asked him if he had plans to retire. He answered by saying, "I have unfinished business and therefore no plans to retire as long as I am in good health."

Part of that unfinished business was Sil's dream of creating the Silvio 0. Conte Education Foundation. He understood the importance of an education for those who dream of making a difference. He also understood that many young people who have the potential and the desire to make a difference are held back because they don't have the means of obtaining a college education.

Through the Silvio 0. Conte Education Foundation, you can help to complete the business that Sil started. By contributing to the education of deserving students in Western Massachusetts, his legacy and his dreams can be carried into the next generation.

Sil would be proud to know that the constituents he served during his 33 years in the United States Congress cared enough to become Charter Members of the Silvio 0. Conte Education Foundation.

Won't you please join us.

Corinne L. Conte

Corinne L Conte
Chairwoman for the
Conte Foundation

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By Peter E Lynch