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Brazil Telecom Market
This is a detailed assessment of the Brazilian telecommunications equipment market completed in the second half of 1996. It includes general economic and demographic data, telecommunications services and equipment markets, infrastructure, service agents, profiles of leading equipment and service suppliers.

1998, $2995

China Telecom 2000: Vol. 1, Telecom Policy and Infrastructure
In a monopolized sector such as telecommunicaitons in an economy in transition, who makes decisions? What is the planning process? What is the existing telecommunications infrastucture? What will the market look like in the near future? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this report and subsequent reports in this series.

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China Telecom 2000: Vol. 2, Fiber Optic Market and Opportunities
China's fiber optics market has been growing at an annual rate of over 30% over the last several years. By the end of 1997, China had installed over 820,000 km of fiber optic cables, over 150,000 of which are national and provincial trunks. More than 10.6 million km of cabled fiber was also installed by the end of 1997. Over the next several years the demand for optical fiber is projected to be over 4 million km each year, of which most will be imported. This offers tremendous opportunity.

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China Telecom 2000: Vol. 3, Switching Market and Opportunities
The essential guide for analyzing the increasingly competitive switching markets in China. This report provides detailed analyses of both the central office and the PBX markets, with quantitative forecasts of how the switching markets will develop till the year 2000 and beyond. Market supply and demand situations are closely examined and major foreign switching equipment suppliers, joint ventures and the emerging domestic producers such as the Great Dragon Telecommunications Group and the Golden Roc EIM Group are profiled and analyzed. The report also identifies the direction of competitive forces and future market opportunities, with a complete contact list of the switching industry

1996, $2995 Table of Contents

China Telecom 2000: Vol. 4, Wireless Communications, Market & Opportunities
China's telecommunications market is becoming one of the largest in the world. Among the fastest growing telecom sectors in China is the wireless communications market. From 1988 to 1995, the average annual growth rate in mobile subscribers was over 200 percent and the growth rate was over 160 percent during the 8th Five-Year Plan (1991-1995) period. In 1996, about 3.5 million mobile subscribers were added with the total number of mobile subscribers in China exceeding 7 million by the end of 1996.

The competition between the MPT and China Unicom intensified further in 1996 and it will continue over the next few years. In 1997, the MPT will add 4 million subscribers to its mobile network while China Unicom is prepared to build out more GSM networks across the nation. New technologies such as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Wireless Local Loop (WLL), and Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) are being tested and implemented with new spectrum allocated. Mobile satellite and personal communications services (PCS) will also be available in the near future. With the market in China developing at such neck-breaking pace, no player in the mobile market can afford to miss the opportunities to learn about the dynamics, market trends, future plans of the operators and the strategies of equipment suppliers which this report will offer.

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China Telecom 2000: Vol. 5, Data Market and Opportunities
Data communications services in China are provided by China Telecom, Ji Tong Communications Company, China Unicom and other Ministries. China Telecom is the major provider of public data communication services. Ji Tong and China Unicom are newcomers as public datacom service providers. In addition, numerous ministries, such as the Ministry of Railways, the former Ministry of Power (now the State Power Corp.), the Ministry of Water Resources and the People’s Bank of China, are also building data networks for their internal uses.

China’s public data communications market has gained momentum over the last three years. In 1993, there were fewer than 3,000 subscribers to datacom services. That number increased to 14,000 and 60,000 in 1994 and 1995. By the end of 1996, the number of subscribers increased to 160,000. The public datacom service users reached 400,000 and 1.54 million at the end of 1997 and 1998 respectively.

This report on China’s Data Communications Markets and Opportunities provides a detailed analysis of the data communications markets in China. The report provides information on China’s different regions and gives a detailed analysis of the telecom market structure and policy. It surveys the current telecom market development status and future development plans of the MII, Ji Tong, China Unicom and various provincial PTAs. In addition, special attention is given to the data market opportunities of the following provinces and organizations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Liaoning, Shandong, Ji Tong and the Golden Projects. The report offers quantitative forecasts of how the datacom and Internet markets will develop till the year 2005 and beyond. Major datacom equipment vendors are profiled and a detailed contact list is provided to help prospective firms to enter the Chinese datacom and the Internet markets.

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China Telecom 2000: Vol. 6, China's New Policy & Structure after Reorganization-the impact on competition & foreign companies
China's telecom industry is undergoing tremendous changes. After the Ninth People's Congress in March, a new ministry - the Ministry of Information Industry (MII or Xinxi Chanyie Bu) has been formed, combining the former Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications (MPT) and the Ministry of Electronics (MEI). What are the new policy and personnel changes in China? Impacts? Business Opportunities?

3/99, $2995

Chinese Provinces & Major Cities: Telecom Market Reports
Opportunities for success in China's telecom market lie both at the national and at the local level. Yet knowledge of the provincial telecommunications market is almost nonexistent among foreign companies. To address this need for up-to-date information on the provincial market, IGI Consulting has developed a series of reports on the major provinces and cities.

Bejing 1997, $995
Shanghai 1997, $995
Hunan 1996, $995
Shangdong 1996, $995
Guangdong 1997, $995
Jiangsu 1996, $995
Heilongjiang 1996, $995

Report on all provinces 1998, $3,995

Succeeding in China's Telecom Market
SRA, an independent consulting firm, has provided a broad overview of both the infrastructure and dynamics of China's telecommunications industry. Emerging trends and patterns are highlighted. The focus is on providing competitive intelligence, analysis of policy making and political risks.
1996, $1995, ITEM # IGIC46

Chinas Wireless Communications Market
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the major players, major contracts, emerging technologies and province by province growth projections of China's Wireless Communications Market.
1997, $1495


The Current Outlook for Fiber in European Business and Residential Applications
A new report from Electronics International, analyzes the fiber optic components market for business and residential applications. The report reviews activities in nineteen countries, various alliances, standards, regulations and contains market forecasts.

1996, $1995 Table of Contents

Fiber Optics in European Telecom
This is the seventh edition of a study by Electronics International of fiber optic in European Telecommunications. This is a four volume set comprising 730 pages: Volume 1, Carrier Network Infrastructure and Forecasts; Volume 2, Fiber Optic Manufacturing in 10 European Countries and Component Forecasts; Volume 3, Fiber in Business and Residential Applications with Forecasts; and Volume 4, ATM Status and Forecasts. 1998, $4995, ITEM # IGIC49

India Telecom 2000 : Vol. 1 - Telecommunications policy and infrastructure
This is the first volume in a series on telecommunications markets in India. Volume 1 reviews the present regulatory and industry structure, exsiting telecommunications infrastructure, market demand, profiles of major suppliers, joint ventures partners and major problems in doing business in India.
1997, 250 pages, $2995 Table of Contents

India Telecom 2000: Vol. 2 - Wireless Market
The Indian Wireless telecom market is in its early stages of development. The pent up demand is enormous. Wireless technologies hold the promise of providing badly needed telecommunications quickly at low cost. This report reviews the present market and potential for wireless equipment & services including cellular, paging, wireless local loop and satellite.

Updated in 1999, $2995 Table Of Contents