Market Studies
CLEC Report 2000™, 11th Edition

Published: Febuary 2000

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The CLEC industry continued its transformation during 1999, sometimes moving in unexpected directions. The most notable shift has been a movement away from the single dominant business model. Whereas in years past we saw such strategies as “smart build” and “switch and fiber deployment” take center stage, this year has shown that an entire range of strategic options remain valid.

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Report Overview & Methodology

This year's CLEC Report™ is also evolving. To reflect these massive shifts shaking the industry, the CLEC Report 2000™ has expanded to 1,500 pages in two volumes. Given the fast pace of these shifts within the CLEC space, this Report will also be issued twice a year.

New Paradigm Resources Group, Inc. (NPRG) performs ongoing research on all companies that call themselves CLECs. While the number of “CLECs” has been estimated to be as high as 9,000, most of these entities have simply received some form of certification to provide local service.1 We, however, remain committed to the idea that true competition comes from facilities-based CLECs; we therefore remain focused on the research and analysis of these carriers exclusively. To the extent that a reseller makes a compelling case to us that it has a business plan as well as the requisite resources to evolve into a facilities-based CLEC, we will cover it in the Watch List chapter of the Report.


Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: CLEC Success in Data
Chapter 3: “Upmarket” Data Strategies: The CLEC Growth Imperative
Chapter 4: The CLEC OSS Opportunity
Chapter 5: Status of the CLEC Industry : Network Parameters & Revenue Figures
Chapter 6: Market Forecasts: CLEC Growth & Development
Chapter 7: Markets Served by CLECs: CLEC Networks (Operations & Under
Development; by City & State

Chapter 8: CLEC Company Profiles

  • @link
    2nd Century
    Access Point, Inc.
    Actel Integrated Communications
    Adelphia Business Solutions
    Advanced Radio Telecom Corp.
    Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.
    Allegiance Telecom, Inc.
    ALLTEL Communications, Inc.
    AMC Communications
    Arbros Communications
    AT&T Canada
    AT&T Corp.
    Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.
    ATS Telecommunications, Inc.
    Avana Communications
    Avista Communications
    Axxent Inc.
    Bell Intrigna
    BellSouth Corporation
    Birch Telecom, Inc.
    Black Hills FiberCom, L.L.C.
    BridgeBand Communications
    Broadband Solutions, Inc.
    BroadRiver Communications Broadslate Networks, Inc.
    BroadStreet Communications
    Broadview Networks, Inc.
    BTI Telecom Corp.
    Buckeye TeleSystem
    C1 Communications
    Cablevision Lightpath, Inc.
    Cambrian Communications
    Cannect Communications
    CapRock Communications Corp.
    Cbeyond Communications, L.L.C.
    CFW Communications d/b/a
    Chapel Services, Inc.
    Choice One Communications
    Ciera Network Systems, Inc.
    CityWave Communications Corp.
    Coast to Coast Telecommunications, Inc.
    Coldwater Telecommunications Utility
    Columbia Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a Axessa
    Combined Xchange Telecom
    Comcast Communications
    Communications Options Inc. Community Telephone
    Computer Business Sciences d/b/a CBS
    Conectiv Communications, Inc.
    Conestoga Communications, Inc.
    ConnectSouth Communications, Inc.
    Convergent Communications, Inc.
    Conversent Communications
    CoreComm, Ltd.
    Covad Communications Company
    Cox Communications, Inc.
    Creative Telecom Solutions, Inc.
    CTC Communications Corp.
    CTC Exchange Services, Inc.
    CTS Telecom d/b/a Climax Telephone Co.
    CTSI, Inc.
    DialTek, L.C.C.
    Digital Access, Inc
    Digital Broadband Communications
    d/b/a Digital Broadband Solutions
    Digital Teleport, Inc.
    DSLnet, Inc.
    Duro Communications, Inc.
    e.spire Communications, Inc.
    Eagle Communications, Inc.
    Electric Lightwave, Inc.
    Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
    Everest Connections Corp.
    ExOp of Missouri, Inc.
    FairPoint Communications Corp.
    Fiber Services, Inc. d/b/a Smart Connect
    FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc.
    FirstWorld Communications, Inc.
    Florida Digital Network
    Focal Communications Corp.
    Forest City Telecom, Inc.
    Free State Telephone Company
    FullTel, Inc.
    FutureOne, Inc.
    Futureway Communications, Inc.
    Gabriel Communications, Inc.
    Gateway Telephone
    General Communications, Inc.
    Global Broadband, Inc.
    Global Crossing Ltd.
    Global NAPs
    Globalcom, Inc.
    Goldfield Access Network
    Grande Communications Network, Inc.
  • GT Group Telecom Services Corp. HarvardNet
    HomeTown Solutions, L.L.C.
    ICG Communications, Inc.
    Integra Telecom
    nter-Community Telephone Company
    Interloop, Inc.
    Intermedia Communications, Inc.
    InterNext Communications, Inc.
    Ionex Telecommunications, Inc.
    IP Communications Corp.
    ITC DeltaCom, Inc.
    iWay Communications
    JATO Communications
    KMC Telecom, Inc.
    Knology Holdings, Inc.
    Koyote TelephoneGTE Communications Corp.
    ICG Communications, Inc.
    INdigital Telecom
    Integra Telecom
    Intermedia Communications, Inc.
    InterAccess Co.
    ITC^DeltaCom, Inc.
    Jato Communications Corp.
    Jones Communications, Inc.
    KMC Telecom, Inc.
    Knology Holdings, Inc.
    Level 3 Communications, Inc.
    Lightship Telecom
    Log On America
    LOGIX Communications
    MCI Worldcom
    McLeodUSA, Inc.
    MediaOne Telecommunications, Inc.
    Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc.
    MGC Communications, Inc.
    Millennium Optical Networks, Inc.
    Minnesota Power Telecom
    Net2000 Communications, Inc.
    Net-tel Corporation
    Network Access Solutions, Inc.
    Network Plus Corp.
    Network Telephone, Inc.
    NewSouth Communications Corp.
    NEXTLINK Communications, Inc.
    North American Telecommunications, Inc.
    NorthEast Optic Network Services, Inc. (NEON)
    NorthPoint Communications
    Novus Telecom, Inc.
    NTS Communications, Inc.
    OCI Communications, Inc. (Optel)
    OnePoint Communications Corp.
    Onvoy (Formerly MEANS Telcom)
    OpTel Telecom, Inc.
    Orlando Telephone Company
    Otter Tail Telcom\
    P.V. Telecommunications, L.L.C.
    Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.
    Pae Tec Communications, Inc.
    Pointe Communications
    Pontio Communications (Formerly Waller Creek Communications)
    Primary Network Communications, Inc.\
    Prism Communication Services, Inc.
    R&B Network, Inc.
    RCN Corp.
    Reach Communications
    Rhythms NetConnections, Inc.
    RIO Communications, Inc.
    RNK Telecom
    SBC Telecom
    Sharon Telephone Company
    Sunwest Communications, Inc.
    Supra Telecommunications & Information Systems, Inc.
    Telephone Plus
    Telergy, Inc.
    Teligent, L.L.C.
    Time Warner Telecom
    TriVergent Communications (Formerly State Communications)
    UniversalCom, Inc.
    US LEC Corp.
    US MidTel Corporation
    U.S. Online Communications, Inc.
    U.S. Telepacific (d.b.a. TelePacific)
    US Unwired
    US Xchange, L.L.C.
    Village Telephone
    Vitts Corporation
    WinStar Communications, Inc.
    XIT Communications

    Chapter 9: Competitors Watch List

    • Aquis Communications, Inc.
    • Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.
    • Atlantic Telecom, Inc.
    • Avana Internet
    • Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company
    • BellSouth Corporation
    • BridgeBand Communications
    • C-Systems
    • Caltech Internationsl Telecom Corp.
    • CityWave Communications Corp.
    • Coldwater Telecommunications Utility
    • Combined Telecom, Inc.
    • Compass Telecommunications
    • Computer Business Sciences
    • ExOp of Missouri, Inc.
    • Fiber Communications (d.b.a. NetFone)
    • Fiber Services
    • Free State Telephone Company
    • FullTel Communications, Inc.
    • Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.
    • Harbor Bay Telecommunications
    • IDS TelCom
    • InfoCom Services, Inc.
    • Inter-Community Telephone (d.b.a. Valley Communications, Inc.)
    • Intrigna
    • Marathon Communications
    • Marietta Fibernet
    • Morris Communications
    • Nebraska Technology and Telecommunications
    • Northern Valley Communications, L.L.C.
    • Northland Communications Group
    • NorthStar Access, L.L.C.
    • Omniplex Communications Group, L.L.C.
    • One Stop Telecommunications
    • Parker FiberNet, L.L.C.
    • POPP Telecom
    • Progress Telecom Corporation
    • Qwest Communications Corp.
    • Reliant Energy Communications, Inc.
    • Rio Virgin
    • San Isabel
    • Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
    • TCC Communications
    • Telefficiency
    • TelNet Worldwide
    • UrJet Backbone Network
    • US Link
    • US West !NTERPRISE Networking

    Chapter 10: Where Are They Now?

    • Bay Springs Telephone Co., Inc.
    • California-Oregon Telephone Company
    • Community NetWorks, Inc.
    • Crescent Communications
    • CRJ Communications
    • Dakota Services, Inc.
    • DualStar Communications
    • Elite Communications
    • Frontier Communications
    • Hyperion Telecommunications, Inc.
    • InfoTel Communications, L.L.C.
    • King’s Deer
    • Local Fiber, L.L.C.
    • MEANS (Minnesota Equal Access Network Services)
    • Metropolitan Telephone (d.b.a. MetTel)
    • Microsun Telecommunications
    • New England Voice and Data
    • Ovation Communications
    • Shared Communications
    • State Communications
    • Waller Creek Communications