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China's New Telecom Equipment Type Approval Process
China's New Telecom Equipment Type
Approval Process

Published: December 1999

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This report provides an overview of the new telecom regulatory environment in China with a focus on the new Ministry of Information Industry and the functions of its 13 departments. It provides details on the new telecom equipment type approval process and presents the notices issued by the MII and the Telecommunications Administration on the new network access license. The report includes the full text, in both English and Chinese, of the MII-issued "Arrangements for the Approval of Network Access of Telecommunications Equipment" with contact details of the telecom equipment license processing offices. Companies having obtained the new network access licenses are listed and a contact list of key Chinese government organizations is provided.The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of the People's Republic of China issued a new regulation titled the 'Arrangements for the Approval of Network Access of Telecommunications Equipment" on December 31, 1998, which has been in effect since January 1, 1999. Under this new type approval regulation, all telecom equipment to be used in public or private telecommunications networks in China must obtain a Network Access License (NAL) and a Network Access Identifier (NAI) from the MII. Telecom equipment without a NAL and a NAI cannot be sold, advertised or used in China.

The Telecommunications Administration of the MII is responsible for the examination and approval of telecom equipment for network access and the issuance of NALs. Authorized by the Telecommunications Administration of the MII, two License Processing Offices have been set up in Beijing to handle the applications for network access of telecom equipment. Regional telecom administration authorities are responsible for the supervision of and control over network access of telecom equipment in their respective regions.

Since all new telecom equipment sold in China must obtain the new network access license and the equipment with the old MPT-issued type approval certificate must exchange for the new one and/or be re-certified, the new policy will affect all telecom equipment vendors, both Chinese and foreign. A network access license is the fist thing a foreign telecom vendor will need in order to capture a share of China’s multi-billion telecom equipment market.

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The report is a must read for anyone who wishes to sell telecom equipment to China, specifically:


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