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SubOptic 2004 - The 5th International Convention on Undersea Communications - Monaco
March 29 - April 1, 2004 (Available in hardcopy or CD format) -
order - $395



order - $395
SubOptic 2001- The 4th International Convention on Undersea Communications - Kyoto, Japan May 20 - 24, 2001 (Available in hardcopy or CD format 816 pages) - order - $395


SubOptic 2001 is the largest International Conference and Exhibition to be held covering the entire information and telecommunications industry. The primary focus is on submarine optical -fiber cable networks. Taking place in a different location every four years. SubOptic 2001 was held in Kyoto, Japan the theme of 2001 convention was "Sub-Sea Networks-Creating the Global Village".

The technical program included over 186 papers divided into six tracks, presented by speakers from 46 countries.

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The World Offshore Fibre Optic Cable Route Map - order - $395
The new map will show all the current laid Fibre Optic Cable routes plus all the proposed lines to be laid over the next five years, currently estimated at 450,000 kilometres worldwide. Featuring allexisting and proposed cable routes with attributed project names, cable termination points and worldwide subsea relief, the scale of the map will be approximately 1:30:000,000. Reproduced to the highest standard and accuracy, the map will make an ideal reference to any company operates within the telecommunications market place.

order - $245
Handbook for ROV Supervisors - order - $245
This outstanding new book has been written specifically to help ROV Supervisors, those working in the ROV business and interested in career development and anyone employed by either the operator or contractor for whom the success of sub-contracted subsea operations are of vital importance. The author, Chris Bell, a chartered engineer with over 15 years experience as an ROV Supervisor and an extensive involvement in training initiatives has managed to set out in a clear, practical and helpful manner, facts which will help to improve the overall level of competence in this complex and highly technical industry.
  • Management Principles
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork Safety n Personnel Assessment
  • Communications, Documentation and
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Operational Considerations
  • Contingency Procedures
  • Wind, Wave, Tide and Current Prediction
  • Navigation, Positioning and DP Systems
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Capabilities and Limitation of ROVs
  • New Developments.

order - $245
Handbook for ROV Pilot / Technicians - order - $245
This most popular book is now available in its second edition, which has been fully revised to bring its huge information content up to date. Originally produced as the result of over six years experience in providing training courses at Wray Castle College, this new edition covers the essential skills and knowledge that ROV Pilot/Technicians should, but all too often don’t, have in order to perform satisfactorily. The book covers all types of ROVs and their applications including: inspection, intervention, construction, cable laying, MCM, ROTV and others. In addition the description of piloting skills, photography, video and all the technical aspects are included in a very practical and comprehensive way, enabling it to be used for ‘on-the-job’ training in appropriate situations. The book includes an appendix of useful technical data that is so often hard to find just when you need it, making it the kind of book that will become an essential ‘tool’ for the job. From the company point of view, the book offers an explanation of quality systems and their importance, including an essential chapter on offshore safety, enabling it to bridge the gap between onshore management and offshore personnel in these important areas.

order - $295
Cable Lay& Maintenace Vessels of the World - 1st Edition - order - $295
The compilation of this important new title has been carried out by OPL in association with Derrick Offshore Limited and in it you will find Detailed specifications and illustrations of all the newbuilds, conversions and vessels currently under construction.

Typical data for each vessel includes -

  • General - name, owner, manager, charterer, year built, builder, type, classification, flag
  • Tonnage/dimensions,capacities
  • Machinery, cranes/lifting equipment
  • Ploughing/burial/observation equipment
  • Mooring/positioning systems
  • Accommodation
  • Additional data - speed, consumption, navigation equipment
  • Illustrations


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