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Major changes are occurring in how organizations connect electronic equipment in offices, buildings, and companies for telecommunications, control and data communications. Data is the major driver for improved wiring schemes, with higher bandwidths, increased flexibility and lower costs. A range of new media are now coming on the scene to compete with twisted wire pairs (TWP), such as fiber optics (both glass and plastic), coaxial cables, and radio. Good old TWP continues to hang on as even new technology is being developed to take advantage of the large embedded base. Premise Wiring newsletter tracks developments in each of these fields and provides valuable insights into technical and economic trade-offs. Premise Wiring newsletter is a publication that keeps you up to date on this fast-moving field. It saves you time and keeps you abreast of what’s happening.

Subjects Covered?

  • ATM
  • Fiber Channel
  • Escon
  • Building Wiring
  • LANs/MANs/WANs
  • Campus and Building Installations
  • Home Wiring
  • Cost Analyses
  • Gigabit LANs
  • New Products
  • New Technology
  • New Publications
  • Standards
  • Regulations
  • Data Links
  • Fiber Optics v. TWP
  • Contracts and Awards
  • Manufacturers’ Strategies
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Video Distribution
  • ISDN
  • Hubs
  • Fiber Optic LANs
  • Installers Update
  • SCSI
  • CAT 5,6 and beyond

Who should be interested?
  • Cable Manufacturers
  • Telcos
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Design Engineers
  • Test Equipmant Manufacturers
  • Installers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Building Managers
  • Computer Manufacturers
  • Building Designers
  • Consultants
  • Investors
  • Property Managers
  • System Integrators
  • Associations
  • Facility Planners
  • Brokers

Benefits of subscribing to this newsletter?

  • Provides a competitive information edge.
  • Keeps you up-to-date in this fast moving field.
  • Saves time in reviewing many information sources.
  • Provides market insights into the impact of new developments, products,
    competition, technology and standards.
  • Provides valuable insights into market developments and plans of major users.
  • Provides information on new opportunities.
  • Forecasts impacts on market.

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