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The market for co-location, data center and web hosting is booming! Originally, the term co-location was used for co-locating in the Telco central office, but now the term is being used to include separate data centers and other similar facilities housing a wide variety of telecommunications and data service providers such as ASPs, ISPs, ICPs, bandwidth brokers and other data and application providers. More and more IT-centric companies are outsourcing their web hosting and e-commerce needs to other professional firms. The “Co-Lo Newsletter” covers the global market for co-location, data centers and web hosting.

Subjects covered in each issue:

  • New Technologies
  • Major Contracts
  • Facility Costs
  • Back up Power
  • Capitol Investments
  • Facility Management
  • Markets
  • New Opportunities
  • New Contracts
  • New Sites
  • Building Plans
  • Network Access
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Trends
  • New Carriers and Service Providers

Who should be interested?

  • ISPs
  • ICPs
  • Chief Executives
  • Strategic Planners
  • Suppliers/Manufacturers
  • Telephone Companies
  • CATV Companies
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Power Companies
  • ASPs
  • Long Distance Carriers
  • Country Marketing
  • SAN Providers
  • CLECs
  • Long Range Planning Manager
  • International Communications Mangers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investors International Carriers
  • Consultants
  • Government Policy Makers
  • Development Banks Systems
  • Integrators
  • Governments Competitive Carriers
  • New Product Managers

What are the benefits of subscribing to CO-LO Data Centers?

If you are involved in doing business in Co-location and Data Centers, interested in keeping up to date with developments in CO-LO, or are in markets affected by CO-LO, then you need to subscribe to Co-location to obtain these benefits.

  • Timely information from worldwide sources
  • Provides an early warning of market opportunities, trends and/or threats
  • Provides information which is difficult or even impossible to obtain
  • Tracks developments in the world market on a regular basis
  • Saves time in trying to read many different publications
  • Provides a historical record for in-house research
  • Provides analyses on important decisions and developments affecting the market
  • Saves time in trying to locate information on Co-location and Data Centers

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