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The last two years have seen a rapid increase in the use of fiber optics by CATV operators in order to improve signal quality, system reliability and reduce costs. New developments in analog fiber optics transmission will have even greater effects on the increased use of fiber optics. From a competitive standpoint, the telephone companies alerting toward CATV as a way to become the provider of broadband transport. HDTV is just around the corner. Digital technology, including video digital compression, is coming on strong. DBS has just been reviewed by the new digital compression techniques. Optical amplifiers will have a major impact on network architecture. Movie producers want direct access to the consumer. Congress is concerned over increasing CATV rates. The Feds are concerned about international competition .12 issues p.a.

Subjects Covered?

  • Fiber optics installations
  • Economic studies
  • Market forecasts
  • Political developments
  • DBS
  • Major players' strategies
  • New services
  • HDTV
  • New opportunities
  • Digital compression
  • Technological developments
  • New products
  • Regulatory decisions
  • Telco developments
  • International competitiveness

Who should be interested?
  • CATV operators
  • Investors
  • DBS operators
  • Consultants
  • Broadcasters
  • Manufacturers
  • Major users
  • Business users
  • Telco
  • Broadband service providers
  • Strategic planners
  • Systems integration

Benefits of subscribing to this newsletter?

  • Pays for itself in cost of identifying, locating and acquiring hard to find key market information
  • Saves time in reviewing many information sources
  • A competitive information edge over those that just read trade journals
  • Up-to-date information on this fast moving field
  • Market insights into the impact of new developments, products, regulations, technology and standards
  • Competitive insights into market developments & plans of major players such as Telco's and Satellite carriers
  • Early warning intelligence on market opportunities.

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