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The Cabling Standards Update Covers changes to telecommunications cabling standards for commercial and residential buildings. They are developed by TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, among other groups, and may be adopted by ANSI. This report covers debates, papers and decisions made at meetings held for changing existing and developing new standards. The Update will help users clearly see what is changing in the industry today for planning and design; it will help manufacturers detect trends, see issues and plan for taking advantage of new opportunities that arise.
The market for commercial cabling is experiencing explosive growth fueled mainly by the demand for high speed networks by business. Residential wiring is just starting to take off as homes with two or more PCs require networking, consumer digital electronic appliances proliferate and the need for home automation and security are finally being realized. In the business area a range of possible transmission media are possible including copper wire, UTP and STP, glass optical fiber, plastic optical fiber, coaxial cable and wireless. Which of these media are being proposed by the various standards bodies is critical marketing information for manufacturers and suppliers. The Cabling Standards Update is your source to keep you up to date in this fast moving field.
The situation for residential cabling is even more confused. Over two dozen standards and organizations are proposing cabling standards for the residence. The reason for all the various groups is that they all look at the residential market from different perspectives and they all see the home market as the next major frontier. Cabling Standards Update provides a clear and concise summary of what is happening in the key standards bodies and provides an early warning indicator of what’s coming.

Subjects Covered?

  • Gigabit Ethernet cabling
  • 802.3
  • FOA
  • TIA-569-A
  • VESA
  • Military Standards
  • ANSI
  • IEEE 1394
  • NEMA
  • ICEA
  • ATM Forum
  • CAT 5, 6, 7
  • FOLS
  • TIA-570-A
  • 802.11
  • TIA-568-A/B
  • Foreign Standards
  • SCTE
  • UL

Who should be interested?
  • Cable & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Installers
  • Design Engineering firms
  • Contractors
  • Users
  • Trainers
  • Consultants

Benefits of subscribing to this newsletter?

  • Saves time and money in not having to attend standards meetings and trying to find out what happened
  • Provides early warning information on standards trends
  • Single source of information on cabling standards activities
  • Helps you to keep up to date on a complex field
  • Handy reference on past activities

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