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XDSL NEWS® is a monthly newsletter devoted to worldwide developments in digital subscriber line technologies, including XDSL, RDSL, SDSL, VDSL & HDSL Many technologies have been developed to increase the bandwidth and capabilities of the telephone network, but the “last mile” remains a bottleneck. With nearly 650 million copper access lines worldwide, there is a tremendous potential for a technology that adds megabits of bandwidth to a simple twisted pair telephone line. XDSL technology can provide that bandwidth and is poised to make a significant impact on the telecommunications market over the next five years. Telephone companies, CAPs, ISPs and other telecom providers are all examining XDSL for a variety of data and video services, making XDSL the most exciting new technology in the market today.

Subjects Covered?

  • Field trials
  • Applications
  • Competition from cable & satellite
  • New products
  • Telco plans
  • Fiber optics
  • Market forecasts
  • Technology developments
  • Wireless
  • Major player strategies
  • Cable modems
  • ISDN

Who should be interested?
  • Telcos
  • Long range planners
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Strategic planners
  • Semiconductor suppliers
  • New product developers
  • Consultants
  • R&D managers
  • CAPs
  • Marketing managers
  • Large users
  • ISPs

Benefits of subscribing to this newsletter?

  • Provides analyses of important decisions and developments affecting the market
  • Concentrates information from many sources in one place
  • Provides information not available elsewhere
  • Timely information from sources worldwide
  • Provides an early warning of market ooportunities and/or threats
  • Tracks market development on a regular basis
  • Saves time and money in trying to keep up to date
  • Provides a historical record for in-house research

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