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MOST - The Automotive Multimedia Network

Release: April 2008

Author: Andreas Grzemba

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MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia network technology developed to enable the efficient transport of streaming, packet and control data in an auto-mobile. It is the communication backbone of an infotainment system in a car. Of course, MOST is also applicable to other fields such as home entertainment systems.

MOST is a communication system with a new, flexible architecture, used by many different manufacturers. It is the most widely used multimedia network in the automotive industry.

In 2007, more than 50 car models were equipped with MOST Technology. MOST defines the protocol, hardware, software and system layers, that are necessary for the high-performance and cost effective transport of real-time data in a shared medium. MOST Technology is developed and standardized within the MOST Cooperation through a joint effort of carmakers and their suppliers.

The MOST Cooperation commissioned this book with the goal of making it easier to understand and use MOST Technology. The authors of the book work for carmakers, suppliers and scientific institutes. The emphasis of the first part of the book is the MOST standard itself. After describing the organization of the MOST Cooperation, the general communication architecture of an automobile using MOST is presented. Then the chapter "System Architecture" gives an overview of MOST Technology. The most important aspects of the technology are then presented in detail in sub-sequent chapters.

Part 2 addresses applications. It explains development tools as well as the structure and implementation of a basic MOST system. The overall structure of MOST gateways, the handling of MOST components as well as the operation of MOST in production cars is described.

The book is aimed at engineers at suppliers and carmakers that want to get started with MOST Technology. It also provides an overview of an effective communication architecture to interested engineers outside the automotive industry.