Market Studies

Process Automation
Markets 2010

Published April 2003

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More reliable decision making is a goal that is harder and harder to reach, especially in the present time. Globalization, liberalization, technological revolutions and the rise of new growth regions make for new challenges for decision makers in the automation equipment manufacturing, software, and service industries.

Released in April 2003, the INTECHNO World Report " Process Automation Markets 2010 " is based on the changed global economic and political conditions, on worldwide research and well-founded forecasting methods. In addition to extensive expert interviews, around 3,500 economic statistics and industry reports have been analyzed. The Report focuses on systematic analyses and forecasts of worldwide, industry-specific capital expenditures in 130 process industry subsectors and the respective automation markets. The automation markets are analyzed and forecasted in their hardware demand as well as their software and services demands, specified for industries and countries. Moreover, automation markets are subdivided into project and operation phases as well as core and auxiliary processes.

The report is addressed to strategically thinking decision makers in automation companies who wish to have a worldwide overview of the development of products, industries and countries in process automation. With more than 1,000 pages (650 tables and 200 figures), this Report offers a valuable and comprehensive basis for your decisions.