Market Studies

Industrial Ethernet Strucutured Cabling System Market Study

Published January 2002

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  • Is this a new opportunity for cable or for apparatus suppliers? — Our research indicates a surprising finding.

  • Is this a new market opportunity for fiber cable suppliers? — How much single mode vs. multimode fiber cable will be used in this marketplace? — Will this market embrace 50 micron multimode fiber technology or will it go with 62.5 micron technology?

  • How large is the market? — Will it be as large as the LAN cabling marketplace? — How large are the growths for cable or apparatus shipments compared with the LAN high-growth era of the 1990’s?

  • Will Ethernet take off in the industrial environment? — When? Why? How many nodes will be installed each year through 2006?

  • What will the cabling architecture look like?

  • Will Ethernet include connections to the I/O devices located in the harsh environment? — What types of cabling products are needed in this harsh industrial environment?

  • What are the largest industry segments for this marketplace? — Details down to the three level SICs provide specific customer targets.

  • What types of cables will be used? — Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or the new “Cat 5i?” — What is the role of fiber cables? — How large are the markets for each of these cables, including Cat 5i cables?

  • What types of fiber connectors will be used? — SC, ST, or the small form factor fiber connectors, the MT-RJ? What is the role of small form factor fiber connectors? How large is the market for hardened RJ connectors?….for bulkhead RJ connectors?

  • What are the market strategies for selling cabling products in this marketplace? — Distributors, System Integrators, Industrial Equipment Suppliers, Others?

  • Who are the current cabling product suppliers? — Industrial specialists or the commercial cabling suppliers?

  • What standards will have the most influence in the marketplace? TIA TR 42.9, OPC for Ethernet, others?

Table of Contents

  • Statistical Notes
  • Cabling System Architecture
  • Cabling Market Forecasts
  • Market Opportunities


  • Industrial Automation Control Systems Basics
  • Industrial Automation Control System Architecture
  • Fieldbus Technology
  • Industrial Ethernet LAN Equipment
  • Automation Control Systems
  • Industry Suppliers
  • Ethernet’s Role in Automation Control Systems
  • Ethernet Usage
  • Ethernet Benefit
  • Ethernet Issues
  • Ethernet New Technology Impact
  • Ethernet’s Future Role
  • Ethernet Implementation Examples
  • Dayton Daily News Ethernet
  • Volkswagen Ethernet Network
  • Petrobas Oil & Gas Production
    Ethernet Network


  • Cabling Architecture
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Bulkhead Connectors
  • Other Connection Products
  • Cabling Product Suppliers
  • Marketing Aspects


  • Node Installation Forecasts
  • Node Installation Growth
  • Copper Cable Shipment Forecasts
  • Fiber Cable Shipment Forecasts
  • Copper-Fiber Cable Shipment
  • Apparatus Cross Connect
    Shipment Forecasts
  • Apparatus Connector Shipment
  • Comparison to Office LAN Cabling
  • Worldwide Market Size &


  • Total Cabling System Forecasts
  • Cable Market Forecasts
  • Cross Connect Market Forecasts
  • Connector Forecasts
  • Total Apparatus Market Forecasts
  • Copper-Fiber Cabling Split
  • Comparison to LAN Office


  • Industrial Ethernet Industries
  • Industry Rankings
  • Manufacturing Industry Subsectors


  • Standards Organizations
  • TIA TR42.9 Standard
  • Fieldbus Standards

Table of Figures

1.1 Industrial Cabling System Architecture

1.2 Market Forecasts: Cable, Apparatus, Total $(M)

2.1 Basic Automation Control System Architecture

2.2 Fieldbus Technology

2.3 Dayton Daily News Automation System

3.1 Industrial Cabling System Architecture

3.2 LAN Horizontal Segment

4.1 Industrial Ethernet Node Installation Forecasts

4.2 Node Installation Growth

4.3 Copper Cable Shipment Forecasts (000’s Feet): Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 5I: Backbone, Horizontal I/O Devices

4.4 UTP Category Cable Shipment Trends

4.5 Fiber Cable Shipment Forecasts (000’s Feet): 50 MM, 62.5MM, SM: Backbone, Horizontal

4.6 Copper-Fiber Cable Shipment Trends

4.7 Apparatus Cross Connect Shipment Forecasts: Horizontal, Main

4.8 Apparatus Connector Shipment Forecasts: Outlets, Bulkhead Connectors, Hardened RJ Connectors, Fiber SC, Fiber ST, Fiber MT-RJ

4.9 Comparison to LAN Office Cabling Systems

5.1 Total Cabling System Market Forecasts $(M)

5.2 Cable-Apparatus Shipment Forecasts $(M)

5.3 Cable-Apparatus Forecasts Trends

5.4 Cable Shipment Forecasts by Type $(M): Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 5i, 62.5 MM, 50 MM, SM

5.5 UTP Category Cable Shipment Trends

5.6 Cross Connect Apparatus Shipment Forecasts $(M)

5.7 Copper Connector Shipment Forecasts $(M): Outlets, Bulkhead , Hardened RJ’s

5.8 Fiber Connector Shipment Forecasts $(M): SC, ST, MT-RJ

5.9 Total Apparatus Shipment Forecasts $(M)

5.10 Copper-Fiber Cabling Shipment Trends

5.11 Comparison to LAN Office Market Forecasts

6.1 Industrial Ethernet Industry Segments: Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation/Utilities, Amusement Parks

6.2 Manufacturing Industry Segments Industrial Employees SIC 20 thru SIC 39

6.3 Industry Rankings by Two Level SIC

7.1 Fieldbus Standards