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The High Speed Access Report (HSAR) is a quarterly newsletter covering the current state of high-speed access, including xDSL, cable modems, and FTTx.   The data are derived from quarterly reports of the telcos and MSOs and delivered to subscribers in a timely manner.   Each issue includes a wealth of information in the form of tables and graphs, and contains the following:
  1. The Quarterly Report -- emailed directly to you as soon as the last major carrier reports to the quarter

  2. FTTP Watch -- a special section every month on FiOS and Lightspeed activities

  3. Special reports as the need demands -- e.g. we carried a long series of comprehensive reports on the merger wars of Verizon, Sprint, and MCI

  4. Direct access to the author -- Clifford Holliday -- for questions related to the quarterly publication, or for comments on the subject

  5. Earliest and person notification of any new reports that become available in the area of high-speed access, often with special offers for subscribers

  6. Customer's Corner has been added -- an opportunity to state your thoughts on these issues or to ask questions

Subjects Covered?
  • Telcos
  • MSOs
  • OEM equipment suppliers
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Installers
  • Content providers
  • VCs
  • Component suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Municipal governments
  • Educators
  • ISPs


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