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1394 DevCon 2000

June 20-22, 2000 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

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Conference Program
Tutorials | Conference Day 1 | Conference Day 2

Monday, June 19 • 9am – 5pm • Tutorials
Live demonstrations of POF systems, Connecterization, and signs and illumination techniques. The 1394 TA will also have an exhibit of 1394 equipment and service suppliers. See Tutorial Descriptions

Tuesday, June 20 • Conference Day 1

Tuesday Morning
Morning Session - Tuesday Parkside Hall B

Data/ Sign & Illumination Joint Session

Chairman: Ed Berman, Boston Optical Fiber

  • Overview of POF
    Ed Berman, Boston Optical Fiber and Chairman of POF Trade Organization (POF TO)
  • POF in a 1394 Home Network
    Scott Smyers, Sony Research Labs
  • 1394 Overview
    Jim Snyder, Texas Instruments and 1394 TA
  • POF and Automobiles
    Bob Steele, Delphi Packard Electric Systems
  • Signs and Illumination Overview
    Kevin Potucek, Pac Fab

Tuesday Afternoon
DATA PROGRAM 1pm – 5pm
Afternoon Session - Tuesday Parkside Hall B

POF Systems Applications

  • Evolution of the 1394 POF Network
    Shuntaro Yamazaki, NEC Corp.
  • POF WDM Technology and Applications
    Kyozo Saito, Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
  • A Full Duplex Optical Transceiver Using Single POF for 1394
    Y. Toriumi, Sony Corp.
  • POF Transceivers for Optical Back-Planes
    Olaf Schoenfeld, Infineon Technologies
  • Evaluation of POF with High Speed Transceivers
    Kazuki Nakamura, Mitsubishi Rayon
  • Telecomuncations Applications for POF
    Gary Grimes, Lucent Technologies
Afternoon Session - Tuesday Room - 1a/b

Signs and Illumination Applications

  • Wet Application (pools, spas, etc.) - Kevin Potucek, PAC FAB
  • Museums Lighting - Jack Miller Nouvir Lighting
  • Architecture lighting - John Audette, "Special "T" Lighting

Tuesday Evening
Reception 5pm - 9pm
Fairmont Hotel 1394 TA Demo Gallery


Wednesday, June 21 • Conference Day 2

Wednesday Morning
DATA PROGRAM 9am – 12pm
Morning Session - Wednesday Parkside Hall B

POF in Home Applications -
Chairman: Ron Zimmer, CABA
  • Home Wiring Status - Ron Zimmer, CABA
  • POF Home Markets Hongjun Li, Parks Associates
  • Title TBA Max Tsassler, Molex

Session on Components & Technology

  • New Method in POF Cabling Processing
    Christine Wheeler, Schleuniger, Inc.
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer For Plastic Optical Fibers
    Bruno Hunttner, Luciol Instruments

Session on Automotive Applications

  • Development of POF Cables for Automotive Applications
    Akimitsu Okita, Mitsubishi Rayon
  • GBPS SI-POF for Automotive Use
    P.E. Zamzow, Alcatel Kabel Ag &Co.
    O. Ziemann, T-Nova DeutscheTelecom Innovations Gesellschaft
    L. Gehmann, T-Nova, H. Steinberg, Alcatel Autoelectric
Morning Session - Wednesday Room 1a/b

Panel 1 - POF S&I Standards
This panel will discuss the needs for POF S&I standards, who should develop them and when. Members from different standards organizations will be present to discuss the steps that the POF TO can take to become more active.

Panel 2 – POF TO and Plans for a Signs & Illumination Working Group
The POF Trade Organization (POF TO) has established an arm devoted to the promotion of POF for signs and illumination. The panel will discuss ways in which the POF TO can increase its membership and organize the industry to make the POF S&I pie bigger.

Wednesday Afternoon
DATA PROGRAM 2pm – 5pm
Afternoon Session - Wednesday Parkside Hall B

POF Markets and International POF Developments
This panel will discuss where new POF opportunities are likely to appear in the near and far term. Markets such as 1394, Home Networks, Industrial Automation, and Automobiles.The activities in POF in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. will be discussed by a panel of experts

The Future of the POF Trade Organization (POFTO) and POF Standards
Organized by the POFTO, this panel will explore the future direction that should be taken to promote the POF industry. Several standards have been developed that have POF specified, such as the ATM Forum and 1394b. Many more standards are being developed and the POF industry needs to be an active par ticipant in the development of these standards. How the industry should address these needs will be discussed.

Wednesday Evening
Reception 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Fairmont Hotel 1394 TA Demo Gallery

Organized by Information Gatekeepers Inc.
In Cooperation with: POFTO