China Telecom 2000

Presented in conjunction with
1394 DevCon 2000

June 20-22, 2000 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

Users and suppliers can benefit from each conference and exhibit.
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POF World

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Exhibit at POF World
Why Exhibit?
  1. POF World 2000 is dedicated exclusively to the design and applications of plastic optical fiber technology for Data Communications, Illuminations, Signs and Sensors.
  2. Recent developments in graded index POF, low cost components, high speed data links, and optical amplifiers - have created a renewed interest in POF. POF WORLD 2000 will provide the opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to stimulate the market for plastic optical fiber components and systems.
  3. New POF Fibers and Light Sources are becoming available that will open opportunities in the illumination, sign and sensor fields.
  4. 1394 attendees plus POF attendees will double the exposure

In Conjunction with 1394

POF WORLD 2000 will be held in conjunction with the 1394 Developers Conference (DEVCON). Exhibitors will benefit from added exhibition traffic created by this conference. 1394 promises to be a major market for plastic optical fiber components and systems.

Deposit and Payment Terms
One-half (1/2) of the total exhibit space rental fee is to be submitted with this signed application within 15 days of exhibit space booking to confirm reserved exhibit space; the remaining one-half of the exhibit space rental fee will be due and payable March 15, 2000. Unconfirmed space is subject to reassignment. Sponsor reserves the right to cancel any exhibit space not paid for by the deadline date.

PLEASE NOTE: No company can begin move-in and/or erection of exhibits unless it has a properly executed copy of the Application and Exhibit Space Contract on file with the Sponsor. Furthermore, NO EXHIBIT INSTALLATION WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL PAYMENT IN FULL HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

Exhibit Registration Form
Booth Rental Fee: $1500.00 per 8' x10' space
Please reserve
Booth Rental Fee: $500.00 per 2.5' x6' space
Please reserve
Literature Bin Rental Fee: $100.00 per 2.5' x6' space
Please reserve
Fee Includes: Standard pipe and drape, company sign, security, free listings in official showcase publications, and unlimited supply of “Exhibits Only” guest cards.
Choose a booth
Sponsor will make every effort to comply with requests for booth locations on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please select three preferred locations from attached floor plan and indicate by booth numbers:

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Preferred Neighbors
Please specify the name or type of companies you do or do not wish to be located near

We will make every reasonable effort to honor Exhibitors’ requests as outlined above; however Sponsor cannot guarantee that Exhibitors’ requests will be accommodated.

Exhibitor Listing
For the benefit of Exposition promotion, show guide copy and/or other show-related print materials, the Exhibitor hear by authorizes the Sponsor to make use of the following information. Please keep listing to fifty words or less.

We will exhibit the following products:

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This application for exhibition space at the POF World 2000 (Plastic Optical Fiber) Conference and Exhibition, which will become a contract upon acceptance by Information Gatekeepers, Inc., is based upon the plan of exhibits, general information and additional provisions all of which are to be forwarded later and constitute a part of this contract.