Fiber Optics User's Manual & Design Series
Each Volume $75
Full set (17 volumes) $750
I. A User's Manual for Optical Waveguide Communications.
287 pages. A practical guide for systems designers considering the use of fiber optic communications systems. The discussion includes component selection, optical technology, and system design.
1975. Item # 152U01. $75.

II. Design Handbook for Optical Fiber Systems
253 pages. This handbook provides communications engineers with the background data, typical equipment parameters, design methods, tradeoff considerations, and evaluation methodology required to design, evaluate, or specify a fiber optic communications system.
1981. Item # 152U02. $75.

III. Design Curves for Optical Waveguide Communications Systems
287 pages. This publication examines both single- and multi-mode fibers; the latter includes both step-index and graded-index fibers. The text and graphics demonstrate the transition from dispersion-limited to detector noise-limited operation.
1974. Item # 152U03. $75.

IV. Fiber Optics Design and Package
(2 parts, 3 volumes) 660 pages. Provides a design methodology for applying fiber optics technology to communications. Applications include party line multitechnical and point-to-point communications involving analog and digital base band modulation.
1985. Item # 152U04. $75.

V. Fiber Optic Codec Link Design Manual
150 pages. This manual provides a detailed description and operating instructions of a link capable of transmitting 92 channels of data over a fiber optic cable up to two kilometers in length.
1981. Item # 152U05. $75.

VI. Selfoc Handbook
87 pages. An examination of the optical properties of the SELFOC Lens, manufactured by Nippon Sheet Glass.
1979. Item # 152U06. $75.

VII. Optical Data Transmission Technology for Space Payloads
110 pages. A study of fiber optic transmission technology for fixed and drag-on STS payload umbilicals. The publication examines the subject from the identification of space payload applications though the design, component selection, and comparison with a conventional approach.
1981. Item # 152U07. $75.

VIII. Fiber Optics Technology for Underground Mine Communications Systems
170 pages. The objective of this manual is to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of using fiber optic technology for underground coal mine communications systems.
1980. Item # 152U08. $75.

IX. Optical Fiber Communications Link Desing Performance Standards for Long Haul Telecommunications
118 pages. An engineering approach to the design of optical fiber communications systems in accordance with military standards. The full range of system design considerations is presented along with design calculations.
1985. Item # 152U09. $75.

X. Glossary of Fiber Optic Terms
103 pages. (With English,French, Spanish and German). A glossary produced by National Telecommunications and Information Agency and the National Bureau of Standards, which combines the interrelated disciplines of communications engineering, physics and measurement standards.
1986. Item # 152U10. $75.

XI. Radiation Effects in Optoelectronic Devices
342 pages. A report prepared by Sandia Laboratories in 1977 and updated in 1984. It reviews the basics of radiation damage on optoelectronic devices and its considered the "bible" in the field.
1984. Item # 152U11. $75.

XII. World's Submarine Telephone Cable Systems
415 pages. First published in 1975 and updated in 1985, this report prepared under contract to NTIA represents the reference work for designers of undersea fiber optic cable systems.
1984. Item # 152U12. $75.

XIII. U.S. Long Distance Fiber Optic Networks: Technology, Evolution and Advanced Concepts
3 volumes. Study performed for NASA on long distance networks using technology and cost projections to the year 2000. Valuable design and cost information for anyone designing long distance fiber optic networks.
1985. Item # 152U13. $475.

XIV. On Premise Digital Communications Upgrades with Emphasis on Fiber Optics
Report prepared by NTIA for the National Communications Systems of fiber optics for government building. Contains valuable design information and standards applicable to commercial buildings as well.
1986. Item # 152U14. $75.

XV. Design of Fiber Optic Telephone Systems for Rural Environments
This volume contains materials developed at REA for the application of lightwave systems with particular emphasis on alternative system configurations.
1987. Item # 152U15.$75.

XVI. Primer On Nuclear Effects on Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
This report provides an introduction to the technical background needed to understand the rationale behind the multitier specification developed for the National Communication System by the Institute of Telecommunications Sciences. It includes sections on nuclear explosion in general, high altitude nuclear explosions, properties of optical waveguides, radiation effects on optical systems, and future fiber optic systems. 1987. Item # 152U16. $75.

XVII. Optic Fiber Communications Link Design
This study represents efforts to develop practical, straightforward guide lines as an approach to systems designed for point-to-point optical fiber communications links. As indicated in the document, the recently approved MIL-STD-188-111 was used as a model for parameter specifications, because this is the first U.S. standard on optic fiber communications systems. Engineering approaches suggested in the report will yield first order approximations of optical link performance, and should be useful in preliminary design calculations concerning choice for subsystem components.
1984. Item # 152U17. $75.

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