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ATM Sourcebook®

"Everything you wanted to know about ATM but didn't know where to find it." The first true reference source on ATM developments. The "ATM Sourcebook®" contains ATM tutorial, ATM and related standards organizations, products of ATM equipment and service providers, applications, users, enterprise networks, carrier ATM implementations and tariffs, sources of information, publications, calendar and glossary.500 pages, $495.00, Item # ATMS01

ATM Networks Proceedings

The ATM Networks Proceedings contain sixty two papers presented at the 12th annual European Fiber Optics and Communications Networks Conference (EFOC/Networks '94)held in Heidelberg, Germany June 1994. The papers present an up-to-date view of ATM technology and applications in Europe.232 pages, $150.00, Item # E94NPR

ATM Myths & Reality - Conference Proceedings

Contains papers presented at a Conference held in Boston in April of 1993, $295.00, Item # A93PRC

ATM Reprint Series

Papers presented on ATM at IGI Conferences in Europe, Item # 133Z41, 1994, $75.00

ATM Bibliographies

Information Gatekeepers Inc. has organized nine bibliographies on ATM. These are being presented in different volumes because of the content of each. They are being made available because of the lack of collected information on ATM.

Volume 1-Trade press 1000 citations from 50 trade publications (Abstracts available on request), Item # ATMB01, 1995, $195.00

Volume 2-NTIS Bibliographic Database 1990-1994. Includes 74 citations of reports and publications on ATM. Item # ATMB02, 1995, $95.00

Volume 3-Citation only of articles contained in Communications Week and Information Week from December 1988 to December 1994. The publication contains 516 citations. Item # ATMB03, 1995, $75.00

Volume 4-Articles appearing in Electronic Engineering Times and Electronic Buyers Guide for the period 1988-1994. Contains 491 citations. Item # ATMB04, 1995, $75.00

Volume 5-Articles appearing in vendors magazines, VAR Business, Open Systems today, Computer Reseller news, Network Computer and Unix Today for the period 1988-1944. Contains 587 citations. Item # ATMB05, 1995, $75.00

Volume 6-ATM Semiconductor citations from Electronic Buyers News and Semiconductors. Contains 190 citations. Item # ATMB06, 1995, $35.00

Volume 7-ATM Networks: Telecommunications Traffic Citations with abstracts from the INSPEC database from December 1988-October 1994. Contains 188 entries. Item # ATMB07, 1995, $95.00

Volume 8-ATM Protocols. Citations and abstracts from the Ei Compendex plus Database from November 1988 to September 1994. Contains 247 listings. Item # ATMB08, 1995, $95.00

Volume 9-Asynchronous Transfer Mode. Broadband ISDN (B-ISDN) Citations and abstracts from the INSPEC Database January 1989 to June 1994. Contains 58 listings. Item # ATMB09, 1995, $95.00

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