POF World'99: Marketing POF
June 28-30, 1999 San Jose Convention Center, CA

POF World ‘99 like its predecessors focused on “Applications of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)” in a wide range of applications: data, sensors, illumination and medical. POF applications have shown significant market growth over the past year. Each area is covered in the conference proceedings and tutorial documents which you can order below.

To order any of the tutorials or proceedings, check the box in front of your selection and click order button at bottom of window.

Conference Proceedings - $195
This 153-page conference proceeding contains all the papers presented at the POF World'99 and is best thing you can buy to learn about the fast-changing Plastic Optical Fibers market!

Tutorial 1: Plastic Optical Fiber: Industry Overview - $195
After several years of slow growth, there is a renewed interest in the plastic optical fiber market due to the development of graded index POF. New market opportunities have begun to open up in high-speed LANs, ATM and building wiring. This tutorial will review the latest developments in graded index POF and forecast the potential market opportunities.
Tutorial 2: POF for Signs and Illumination - $195
This tutorial will review all the technical and business applications of using POF for sign and illumination. A wide range of practical applications will be provided. more information

Tutorial 3: Residential Network Technology
This course provides a concise technical and market overview of the rapidly changing and emerging field of residential networks. It provides a technical overview of existing and emerging home network technologies, infrastructure wiring strategies including the use of fiber in the home, new bandwidth demands and residential gateway issues. The course also covers the quickly changing wide area network service industry and how it is influencing push for residential infrastructure changes. more information

Tutorial 4: POF and 1394 - $195
One of the most important markets for Plastic Optic Fibers is the interconnection of digital PCs, consumer electronics and audio/video equipment. The IEEE has developed the 1394 standard which has been approved for speeds up to 400Mbps and 1394 is about to be approved for speeds up to 3.2 Gbps. This tutorial will describe 1394, status of standards, applications and role of POF. more information

Tutorial 5: Design of Plastic Optical Fibre Links and Networks - $195
Recent developments in active and passive POF components have opened new opportunities for design engineers. This tutorial will provide technical details for designing POF links for home and small office-home office environments. more information

Tutorial 6: Residential Infrastructure Cabling - $195
This course covers both the technical and market issues of home infrastructure cabling, including the current infrastructure cabling industry, products and installation practices, with an emphasis on the role of glass and plastic fiber. The course looks at residential infrastructure requirements driven by the computer, A/V, home automation industries and the most likely cable architecture to meet each requirement. The course also covers the growing residential custom installation industry and its influence on infrastructure wiring. more information

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