China Telecom 2000 - Telecom Business Opportunities in China
April 7-8, 1998 - Washington D.C.
Conference Highlights

This 200 plus-page proceedings contains all the papers presented at the highly successful conference, which had over 100 US and International attendees. It covers all sectors of China's telecommunications market: telecom policy, regulations, network development, China Unicom, China's 9th Five-Year plans, cellular, paging, wireless local loop, mobile satellite, telecom financing, investment opportunities, and fiber & data communications. It serves as a valuable reference tool on the telecom development in China.

Table of Contents
Opening Remarks
  • Dr. Paul Polishuk, President, Information Gatekeepers Inc.
  • Mr. Eric Nelson, Vice President, International Affairs, Telecommunications Industry Association
  • Minister Counselor Liu Zhaodong, Science & Technology, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
  • Elizabeth Echols, Office of Int'l Affairs, NTIA
  • Irene Wu, International Bureau,
    Federal Communications Commission
Keynote Address
  • Mr. Dun Huang, Vice President, China Unicom (Hong Kong)
Panel 1 - Development in China's Telecom Policy, Regulations, and the 9th Five-Year Plan
Chair: Christine Keck, TIA
  • What are the recent developments in China’s telecom policies?
  • What are the new telecom regulations?
  • What is China’s current telecom network development status?
  • What are the details of the 9th Five Year Plan at the national and provincial levels?
  • Who are the major current and potential players in China’s telecom market?

New Market Players in China's Telecom Industry
Ms. Christine Keck, Manager, Asia/Pacific Programs,
Telecommunications Industry Association

Recent Developments in China's Telecom Policies
Mr. John Henry, Director, Office of Telecommunications, Department of Commerce

China's Telecom Development and the 9th Five-Year Plans
Dr. Hui Pan, Chief Economist and Director-Asian Markets, Information Gatekeepers Inc.

China's Telecommunications Strategy Towards the 21st Century
Dr. Denis Simon, General Manager, Andersen Consulting, China

Keynote Luncheon Speaker
Making Progress with China: From ‘Do Not Enter’ to ‘Detour’ to ‘HOV Lane‘
Dr. Robert A. Kapp, President, US-China Business Council, USA
Panel 2 - Investment Environment and Telecom Financing
Chair: Xing Fan, CSIS
  • Who will finance China’s ambitious 9th Five-Year Plan in telecommunications?
  • BTO and BOT, how is it done in China?
  • How can foreign firms participate in providing telecom services when foreign participation is still restricted?
  • How to protect your investment capital?
  • Why invest in China? Comparing China with other markets
  • The risks and opportunities in China’s telecom markets
  • Case study by vendors - industry experience

Structuring Financing for Chinese Telecom Projects
Mr. Mark Kantor, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley McCloy

The Financial Structure of China Telecom Transactions
Mr. Andrew Yan, Director, Emerging Markets Corp.

Problems & Challenges in Telecom Services in China
Mr. Ken Zita, Principal, Network Dynamics

Panel 3 - Cellular, Paging & PCS Market
Chair: Ming Louie, Globalstar
  • What are the development plans of the MPT, China Unicom in cellular & paging markets?
  • Where are the centers of activities in the wireless market?
  • TACS, AMPS, GSM, CDMA, where is China going in cellular standards?
  • New competitive operators in paging
  • Who are the mobile and paging equipment suppliers?
  • What lessons have the vendors learned from their operations in China?
  • IMT-2000, where is China heading for the next generation of mobile communications?
  • Case study by vendors - industry experience

Mobile Satellite Market in China
Mr. Ming Louie, Vice President, Asia/Pacific, Globalstar

Wireless Opportunities and Perils in China
Dr. Arunas Slekys, Vice President, Wireless Networks Division, Hughes Network Systems

The Development of Ericsson Cellular Networks in China
Mr. Bo-Erik Dahlstrom, Deputy General Manager, Ericsson

Topic TBA
Mr. Kevin Kelley, Sr. Vice President - External Affairs, Qualcomm

April 8, Wednesday

Keynote Address
The Development of Internet Technology in China and the experience of CIC
Mr. Peter Yip, Vice Chairman, China Internet Corporation (CIC), Hong Kong, China

Technology Issues and Economic Analysis of Wireless Local Loop in China
Prof. Qiliang Zhu, Director General, BUPT and Nortel R&D Center, Beijing China

Panel 4 - Satellite and Wireless Local Loop Market and Technologies
Chair: Peter Wang, World Communication Group
  • Trends and development status of mobile satellite market in China
  • How big is the Chinese mobile satellite market?
  • Factors behind the fast growth of VSAT market and who are the new players?
  • Wireless Local Loop market in China
  • WLL technologies: CDMA, TDMA, PHS, PACS, DECT...
  • Economics of WLL deployment in China
  • Updates of recent development of key vendors in China and Asia Pacific
  • Case study by vendors - industry experience

WLL Development and the Future of PACS in China
Mr. Peter Wang, President and CEO, World Communication Group, Inc.

Factors behind the Growth in VSAT and Examples of VSAT Users in China
Mr. Yan Liao, Vice President, Business Development- China, ComStream

Wireless Local Loop Markets in China
Mr. John Spiller, Director, Business Development, ArrayComm, Inc.

Panel 5 - Data Networking, the Internet/intranet, Broadband and Access Technologies (xDSL, FTTH, etc.)
Chair: Al Furst, Asian Projects & IDG
  • China’s Internet policy
  • The Internet development and the ISPs in China
  • Who controls the Golden Projects?
  • Data communications in the banking and financial industries
  • Market development in both public and private data networks
  • Different marketing strategies of foreign datacom equipment suppliers
  • New access technologies - ISDN, HDSL, ADSL and other DSLs
  • Which provinces are pushing fiber to the home (FTTH)?
  • The markets for new fiber optic equipment - SDH, WDM
  • The broadband network development - where are the major activities?
  • Case study by vendors - industry experience

The Internet in China
Mr. Al Furst, President, Asian Projects and Consultant to IDG

Extended Enterprise Networks-ATM at the Core and FORE's Experience in Chna
Mr. Richard Kushner, Director of Marketing, FORE Systems

New Bridge in China-From DDN to Multimedia Broadband Networks
Mr. Chong Xie, Manager, Strategic Business Support, Newbridge Networks

DWDM-The Bandwidth Explosion in China
Mr. Lin Chao, General Manager, Asia Pacific, CIENA


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