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The Post-PC-Cloud Computing Era Structured Cabling Systems Market Analysis & Forecasts

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Published: June 2012

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The report describes and analyzes two new technologies that will impact the enterprise network. This includes:

1) POST-PC : wireless devices
2) Cloud Computing Services
Provides description & analysis of these two technologies on the enterprise network architecture and the resulting changes to the structured cabling system needed to support the new system architecture.

Provides status and future directions for wireless local area networks (WLANs) and WIFI. Describes current cloud computing service offerings and rationale for using cloud computing.

New technology developments are described, including future directions for:

  • 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 400/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
  • OM 4 laser-optimized, multimode fiber cables
  • Cat 7/7a shielded cables
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • Passive Optical Networks
  • Thunderbolt
  • Bend Insensitive Multimode Fiber Cables

It containsdetailed Structured Cabling Systemsproduct forecasts including:

  • Copper cable by UTP, STP (shielded) and coax, by plenum & non-plenum, UTP & STP by category, coax by type.
  • Copper Apparatus: patch panels, outlets, connectors by category.
  • Fiber cable by data center versus other uses, by MM&SM, by LOM (laser optimized multimode), data center by harnesses, trunk cables, equipment cords.
  • Fiber Apparatus by data center – other uses, data center by cassettes, modules, work area modules, other by fiber interconnects, outlets & connectors.

Five year forecast, year-by-year, from 2011 through 2017. Includes both value and volume forecasts. Most data includes pre-Post-PC-Cloud Computing and actual with the new technologies.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1

Entering a New Technology Era
Study Objectives
General Notes

Chapter 2

Executive Summary
Two New Technologies Rapid Emergence
Smart Phones & Tablets
Post PC Era
iPad- a Game Changer
Cloud Computing – Changes IT Operations
Impact on Copper Cable Market Forecasts
Impact on the Fiber Cable Market
Impact on the Total SCS Market

Chapter 3

Current Enterprise Networks
Systems Architecture
Horizontal Cabling Subsystem
Vertical Cabling Subsystem
Campus Cabling

Chapter 4

Future Enterprise Networks
Need for Future Networks
Wireless Status & Trends
WLAN Basics
WLAN Cabling Standards
WLAN Future Trends
WIFI Basics
IEEE 802.11 WIFI Standards
WIFI Future Trends
Tablets/Smartphones Use in EnterpriseNetworks
Proliferation of Smart Phones & Tablets
Apps – Ready for Business Mainstream
Tablets – the New Network AccessDevice
Apple iPad a Game Changer
Microsoft’s Next Operating System
Geared for Wireless Support
Cloud ComputingBasics
Cloud Current Status
Cloud Types
Cloud Major Suppliers
Cloud Benefits
Cloud Services Provisioning
Future Enterprise Networks

Chapter 5

Future High Speed Networks
Need for Higher Speeds
40/100Gigabit Ethernet Current Situation
40 Gigabit Ethernet Over Copper Cables
25 Gigabit Ethernet Cabling
400/1000Gigabit Ethernet

Chapter 6

New Product Developments
Higher Speed Cables Emerge
OM4 Fiber Cables
Cat 7/Cat 7a STP Cables

Chapter 7

New Technology Developments
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Energy Efficient Ethernet
Active Cables
Passive Optical Networks (PONs)
Bend Insensitive Multimode Fiber (BIMMF)Cables

Chapter 8

Total SCS Market Forecast
Total SCS Market Forecast
Fiber-Copper Cabling Forecasts
Cable – Apparatus Market Forecasts

Chapter 9

Copper Cable Forecast
Total Copper Cable Market Forecast
Total Copper Cable Volume Forecast
Plenum – Non-Plenum Copper Cable Forecast
Total Copper Cable Forecasts by Cable Types
UTP Cable Forecast by Categories
STP Cable Forecast by Categories
Coax Cable Forecast by Cable Types

Chapter 10

Fiber Cable Forecast
Total Fiber Cable Market Forecast
Total Fiber Cable Volume Forecast
Data Center – Other Network Fiber CableSegment Market Forecast
Data Center Fiber Cable Volume Forecast byCable Types
Data Center Fiber Cable Market Forecast byCable Types
Fiber Cable Volume Forecast by MM-SM
Fiber Cable Market Forecast by MM-SM Cables
Laser Optimized Multimode (LOM) Fiber CableVolume Forecast
LOM Fiber Cable Market Forecast

Chapter 11

Copper Apparatus Forecast
Total Copper Apparatus Forecast
Copper Apparatus Forecasts by Product Types
Patch Panel Market Forecast by Category
Patch Panel Volume Forecast by Category
Outlet Market Forecast by Category
Outlet Volume Forecast by Category
Connector Market Forecast by Category
Connector Volume Forecast by Category

Chapter 12

Fiber Apparatus Forecast
Total Fiber Apparatus Forecast
Fiber Apparatus Market Forecast by DataCenters-Other Network Usages
Data Center Fiber Apparatus Market Forecastby Product Types
Data Center Volume Forecast by Product Types
Other Networking Fiber Apparatus MarketForecast by Product Types
Fiber Interconnect Volume Forecast
Fiber Outlet Volume Forecast
Fiber Connectors Volume Forecast

List of Figures:

Chapter 2

Figure 2.1 Total Copper Cable MarketForecast
Figure 2.2 Total Fiber Cable Forecast
Figure 2.3 Total SCS Market Forecast

Chapter 3

Figure 3.1 Current Network Architecture

Chapter 4

Figure 4.1 802.11 Network Standards
Figure 4.2 New Wireless Technologies
Figure 4.3 Mobile Devices Apps Growth
Figure 4.4 Future Network Architecture

Chapter 5

Figure 5.1 40 Gigabit Objectives
Figure 5.2 High Speed Ethernet UTP Cable –Differing Support Schemes

Chapter 8

Figure 8.1 Total SCS Market Forecast
Figure 8.2 Total SCS Market Year-to-YearGrowths
Figure 8.3 Fiber-Copper Cabling Trends
Figure 8.4 Cable-Apparatus Segments Forecast

Chapter 9

Figure 9.1 Total Copper Cable Market Forecast
Figure 9.2 Total Copper Cable Market Year-to-Year Growths
Figure 9.3 Total Copper Cable Volume Forecast
Figure 9.4 Total Copper Cable Volume Year-to-Year Growths
Figure 9.5 Plenum – Non-Plenum Cable VolumeForecast
Figure 9.6 Plenum – Non-Plenum MarketForecast
Figure 9.7 Copper Cable Volume Forecast byCable Types
Figure 9.8 Copper Cable Market Forecast byCable Types
Figure 9.9 Copper Cable Market Trends byCable Types
Figure 9.10 UTP Copper Cable Volume Forecastsby Category
Figure 9.11 UTP Cable Trends by Category
Figure 9.12 UTP Copper Cable Market Forecastsby Category
Figure 9.13 STP Cable Volume by Categories
Figure 9.14 STP Copper Cable Volume ShipmentTrends by Category
Figure 9.15 STP Cable Market Forecast byCategories
Figure 9.16 Coax Cable Volume Forecast byCable Types
Figure 9.17 Coax Cable Market Forecast byCable Types

Chapter 10

Figure 10.1 Total Fiber Cable Market Forecast
Figure 10.2 Total Fiber Cable Market Year-to-Year Growths
Figure 10.3 Total Fiber Cable Volume Forecast
Figure 10.4 Data Center – Other NetworksSegment Fiber Cable Forecast
Figure 10.5 Data Center Fiber Cable VolumeForecast by Cable Types
Figure 10.6 Data Center Fiber Cable Market byCable Types
Figure 10.7 Fiber Cable Other Network VolumeForecast by MM-SM
Figure 10.8 Fiber Cable Volume MM-SM Trends
Figure 10.9 Fiber Cable Other Network MarketForecast by MM-SM
Figure 10.10 LOM-Other MM Fiber Cable VolumeForecast
Figure 10.11 LOM-Other MM Fiber Cable MarketForecast

Chapter 11

Figure 11.1 Total Copper Apparatus MarketForecast
Figure 11.2 Total Copper Apparatus Market Year-to-Year Growths
Figure 11.3 Copper Apparatus Market Forecast byProduct Types
Figure 11.4 Patch Panel Market Forecast byCategory
Figure 11.5 Patch Panel Volume Forecast byCategory
Figure 11.6 Patch Panel Volume Trends byCategory
Figure 11.7 Outlet Market Forecast by Category
Figure 11.8 Outlet Volume Forecast by Category
Figure 11.9 Connector Market Forecast byCategory
Figure 11.10 Connector Volume Forecast byCategory

Chapter 12

Figure 12.1 Total Fiber Apparatus MarketForecast
Figure 12.2 Total Fiber Apparatus MarketYear-to-Year Growths
Figure 12.3 Fiber Apparatus Market Forecastsby Data Centers – OtherNetworks
Figure 11.4 Data Center Fiber Apparatus Forecastby Product Types
Figure 12.5 Data Center Fiber Apparatus VolumeForecast by Product Types
Figure 12.6 Other Network Fiber ApparatusForecast by Product Types
Figure 12.7 Fiber Interconnects Volume Forecast
Figure 12.8 Fiber Outlet Volume Forecast
Figure 12.9 Fiber Connector Volume Forecast