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Opportunities in
Military Fiber Optics 2011

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Our reviewers agree. This is the best of our five annual editions of military fiber optic reports. And the recommendations, insights, trends, tactics, contacts and overall knowledge are provided to you in Opportunities in Military Fiber Optics 2011 Edition at our lowest price ever.

Why? It's simple. We want you to be doing business with the U.S. military and intelligence communities. We want them to gain the full benefits of fiber optics—to gain from your technology.

When you order Opportunities in Military Fiber Optics 2011, you will have people with literally more than a hundred years of experience behind you. I have been working with this community since 1985 when we first launched Military Fiber Optics News. Drs. Arlon Martin, David Krohn and Valery Tolstikhin all have dozens of years of experience in their respective disciplines.

Photonic integrated circuits, or PICs, will be a game changer in the optical components marketplace and our experts will tell you what it all means. Read complete transcripts of our probing interviews with Drs. Martin and Tolstikhin. Martin is vice president at Kotura and works with the DARPA UNIC program. Tolstikhin founded Onechip Photonics and is a world renowed authority on PICs. Learn from their wisdom as to where this critical market is going and where you fit in.

Get the critical knowledge you need to attack the fiber optics SBIR market as we provide full listings of dozens of 2010 SBIR award winners in the fiber optics area. Identify the new program areas of interest as well as new fiber optics companies that are just now coming onto the national scene.

Read wise counsel from our full transcript with Dr. David Krohn as he describes the Do's and Don'ts of doing business with the military with his special insights into fiber optic sensors and SBIRs.

We have a can't miss review of the Broadband Stimulus Program that will enlighten you. Get the lay of the land with our more than 50 corporate players listing.

Benefit from our recommendations for what DoD markets will be hot in 2011.

As always, Opportunities in Military Fiber Optics 2011 is chock full of contacts, including program managers at key DoD programs, Washington, D.C.-based associations that can help you, and tried and true approaches that work over and over again to get you that much-needed extra business.

Looking for a new income stream? The Opportunities in Military Fiber Optics 2011, is the book for you.

Quite simply, Opportunities in Military Fiber Optics 2011 Edition puts your company in the middle of the action.



  1. Overview of DoD Market in Fiber Optics

  2. Full Transcript: Interview with Photonic Integrated Circults DoD
    Contractor Arlon Martin

  3. Full Transcript: Interview with Photonic Integrated Circuits
    Expert Valery Tolstikhin

  4. 2010 Fiber Optic SBIR Awards

  5. Full Transcript: Interview with Fiber Optic Sensors Expert David Krohn

  6. Cybersecurity

  7. Overview of Broadband Stimulus Program

  8. DoD Opportunity by Agency (including contact information)

  9. DoD contractors and subcontractors

  10. Strategies for Success: Connecting Your Company with the U.S. Military

  11. Conclusions

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