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This World Wide Web (WWW) directory has been developed to help find information in telecommunications efficiently and timely manner. A wide range of researchers, market analysts, information specialists, librarians and others will find the directory useful in finding information about telecommunications on the Internet. The directory is divided into three sections: Resources on Specific Markets Technologies, Telecommunications Service Providers, and General Information Resources. The Markets Technologies section includes selected markets and technologies which represent areas of highest interest. The second section focuses on the service providers in the telecommunications field. It includes telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers, among others. The General Information Resources section provides information on all other entities and resources that are related to the telecommunications sector, including policy regulations, standards, and legal issues. The directory is not intended to be a definitive source of information on telecommunications in the Internet due to the number and type of sources. It is more a starting point and a base to grow and add additional sources as they become available.

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