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2014 Wireless Technologies and Markets
The purpose of this report is to forecast the future (2016-2021) of the North American telecommunications network, and from that forecast to identify the major equipment needs to fulfill that forecast.

transmission Market Survey Report
This report is focused on forecasting demand for specific types of carrier-class network transmission equipment – ROADMS, DWDM, Routers and Switches.

POF Top 10
This is the first market research study to assess the size and growth of the total UAV market from large DOD UAVs to Do-it-Yourself (DIY) UAVs for amateurs. The study includes the following major market sectors including:DOD, Civil, Commercial, SUAS, DIY Amateur, and Radio Control.

Photonic Sensor Consortium Market Survey Report
The research examines the economic impact of current FAA policies for small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) operating in Class G uncontrolled airspace and evaluates how commercial service providers and operators perceive those rules and assess their importance.

POF Top 10
This is an update to the 2014 edition. It contains additional marketing data, new companies, and contacts. The directory represents worldwide information on Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicles (UAV) systems presently being manufactured.

Photonic Sensor Consortium Market Survey Report
The 2016 Components for Unmanned Vehicles – Marketing Guide and Directory is a companion volume to a recently published "UAV Marketing Directory" which was devoted to aerial systems. In addition, this report includes not only aerial but also ground, maritime, submarine, and satellite unmanned systems.

POF Top 10
The plastic optical fiber (POF) data business is going through a period of extraordinary growth driven by the automotive manufacturers in Europe and by new technology development. Industrial controls and medical applications continue to be the bedrock of the industry, and they, too, are experiencing healthy growth. Unlike the telecommunications field, the POF business covers many industries and is not as vulnerable to industry downturns.

US Cellular Report Banner
The popular vision of the mobile industry (beyond the devices) is one of cell towers, but the backbone of the industry is backhaul! Backhaul is the connection of every cell site to the network. Without backhaul, the cell sites are useless.

US Cellular Report Banner
This is the report that has it all about the US cellular industry. It not only provides overviews of current statistics, architecture descriptions and histories, and current comparisons, but its centerpieces of each major section are forecasts through 2019. There are forecasts for traffic, for active devices, for average Busy Hour traffic per device, for devices and traffic by carrier. There are also forecasts for device sales (very different from active devices) and for operating systems sales. Every forecast is also accompanied by an exhaustive analysis.

Network Traffic Forecast  and Analysis
This report provides the reader with a forecast for Network Traffic for the next several years, but more importantly, it will also explore the industry and consumer patterns that are driving that traffic.The report provides hard data traffic forecasts by all sources of traffic on the network and will use those source forecasts to build composite forecasts.

Telecom Network Bust
The industry is rapidly moving from wireline based to wireless. However, wireline continues to provide the infrastructure for the entirety. Wireline revenue, which supports wireline investment, which is the infrastructure for wireless, is falling substantially. The new Advanced Architecture services (FiOS and Uverse) are great successes, in terms of total impact, but they are not enough to stop the erosion of wireline revenues. What's more, it appears that these services are growing at a much slower rate, and in fact are in decline.

POF Top 10
This timely report includes an analysis of the impact of Apple's recent court victory over Samsung. Apple is now the largest company in history - find out why!


POF Top 10
This report asks if Google is a threat to Telecom. By threat, of course, we mean competitive threat. The simple answer to this question is “YES!” As with many simple answers to complex questions, this leaves a lot unsaid. Some of what is unsaid would include questions as to the existence of a market to even be concerned about – surely Google doesn’t want to compete for the traditional wireline market, which appears to be dying. Would Google like to compete in the broadband market?

Understanding network traffic is fundamental to any marketing or business plan. This new report, “North American Network Traffic Forecast 2011,” by the Lightwave Report Series author, Clifford Holliday, provides detailed telecommunications forecasts for North America thorough 2016. It is our first traffic forecast report since Mr. Holliday’s 2006 report on this subject. That 2006 report became an instant industry classic, setting the standard for traffic forecasts for many years.

The Verizon FiOS/AT&T U-verse story has been an engineering and capital expenditure story for several years; now it is a marketing story. Verizon has what is arguably a superior product, at least in terms of bandwidth delivery, and Verizon has achieved a 3:2 dominance in the market over AT&T. However, in the last three quarters, AT&T has been outselling FiOS by substantial (35%-40%) margins. Why is this happening? This report will look in to some of the marketing differences to seek the answers. It will also explore the many other differences between theses two services.

R-OADMs: From the Core to the Edge -Our focus for this report is the edge ROADM. There are forecasts (probably the first available anywhere), application sketches, complete vendor coverage, technology discussions, etc — all aimed at the edge ROADM.

The Edge ROADM Revolution - This report details where the industry is in beginning the new ROADM revolution, from the “Core to the Edge.” This revolution will bring ROADMs to virtually every central office and head-end in the US, and in many parts of the world. The forecasts included herein detail that expansion.

ROADM Components - One of the first reports to ever cover components for Edge ROADMs – includes application descriptions; quantity, price and market forecasts; Vendors; and technologies.

Many of the world’s telcos are now involved in redefining the way they do business, and the kind of network they need in their planned new environment. This series of reports will be a “how to” manual as well as a report on activities by the various major players, and forecasts for the resulting next-generation network. The seires consists of the following reports:

Google and the RBOCs 2010 - This fifth, and latest, report in the Telecom Business Transformation Series focuses on the perceived strategies of Google and the RBOCs. The RBOCs that we will focus on are Verizon and AT&T and to a lesser extent Qwest. The report will use these companies’ public announcements and private interviews and the author’s years of experience in this area to develop a view of their strategies, comments on the strategies and likely outcomes. The report will provide forecasts on all the topics of interest.

Next-Generation Carrier's Network - Planning for Business Transformation
This is a comprehensive report on how to approach transformation planning, and on the next generation network that is the result of transformation planning. This is the all-encompassing report that covers all of the related topics. It is the keystone to the Information Gatekeeper’s Series on Transformation Planning.

Next-Generation Carrier’s Network - Architectures, Economics, and Forecast
This report is devoted to discussing and forecasting the NGN. It discusses the major systems and technologies that will be involved; it provides forecasts for the most important of these technologies; it discusses architectural options; it forecasts market impacts on the NGN, including capital forecasts and economic analysis of major NGN options; and it provides a detailed listing of many of the major vendors of the NGN.

The Telecommunications Market Today

This report is devoted to telecom business transformation and next-generation networks. This is a general report on the status of today’s (2009) telecommunications market, with an emphasis on those changes that are driving the market. It includes extensive forecasts, especially CapEx forecasts.

Business Transformation Planning
This report is a how-to report on the transformation planning process. It contains the directions on how a transformation project must start and on how to accomplish it. It includes quotes from exclusive interviews with some of the best thinkers in the business today.

POF Top 10
This brand new market study from IGI Consulting will illumniate the top opportunities for POF in the coming year, including: automotive, industrial controls, consumer electronics, home networking, aircraft, data centers, super computers, SAN/LAN, medical applications and fabrics.

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