IGI Announces Availability of
1st Qtr. 2009 High-Speed Access Report


Our High-Speed Access Report for 1st Quarter 2009
is available to paid subscribers.

Holliday’s Holiday Horoscope 2009 (PDF), our amazingly accurate, annual free telecom forecast, is also available for complimentary download.

Our first quarter 2009 High-Speed Access Report is now available, please click here to subscribe.

The fourth quarter 2008 is also being made a available a free download.


New Forecasts include:

  • AAA Growth

  • Spotlight on Opinions on the Economy

  • Penetration Rate of High-speed Accesses hits 60%. (See graphs below)

The lead story in the new report is:
“Telcos and Cable Companies Thumb Noses at Recession, Have Great Quarters”

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The new report is available both for individual and site-wide corporate liscensing, so your business cantake maximum advantage of the information .

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This is the report that, since the beginning of the high-speed access age some eight years ago, has been leading the industry in news, results, and, most of all, forecasts of high-speed access providers!

This is the report that :
  • Correctly forecast the very beginning of the H-S age by forecasting that high-speed would overtake dial-up. (Doesn't that sound quaint now? But then we were the only ones doing so!)

  • Correctly forecast the dominance of the cable companies in the early part of the h-s age!

  • Correctly forecast the come back of the telcos with xDSL (and again we were by ourselves on this!)

  • Correctly forecast the growth rates of xDSL and cable modems for the last eight years

  • Correctly forecast the crossing of the 50% penetration point in the US!

Every issue of High Speed Access Report subscription includes:

  • The Quarterly Report – e-mailed directly to you as soon as the last major carrier reports for the quarter.

  • FTTP Watch – A special section every month on FiOS and Lightspeed activities.

  • Special reports as the need demands – e.g., we carried a long series of comprehensive reports on the merger wars of Verizon, Sprint, and MCI.

  • Direct access to the author – for questions related to the quarterly publication, or for comments on the subject.

  • Earliest and personal notification of any new reports that become available in the area of High Speed Access, often with special offers for subscribers.

  • Customer's Corner - an opportunity to state your thoughts on these issues, or ask questions.

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