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This report is unique among 5G reports – it is specifically focused on the investor and/or the investor advisor.

Optical fibers and fiber-optic sensors (FOS) have been attracting attention in the healthcare industry in recent years, leading to a wave of research activity and development of new products.

This report is about electric cars in the United States, in all their flavors. Like many things we think of as new, electric cars are actually rather old. Their origins go back to the beginnings of anything that could be called a ‘car’ in the 1800s.

What exactly is 5G’s status? Who is really deploying and investing like they are talking? What developmental issues remain? Who is going to pay for this development and deployment?

This study reviews the history of POF, the technological developments, emerging applications, commercial activities, market forecasts, and research &education centers around the world.

Polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber provides the means to minimize noise and improve the optical performance of optical systems in a variety of market applications.

This report provides a discussion, explanation, and forecasts for the latest developments in the subsea cable field.

This comprehensive report is going to consider these issues and ultimately suggest the likely scenario for 5G deployment and associated five-year expenditures in this country.

The market is expected to grow between 10% and 12% annually. The OCT worldwide market is projected to exceed $1.2 billion in 2024.

The combined distributed and single point fiber optic sensor markets are projected to be over $1.3 billion in 2023.

If you are involved in forecasting, manufacturing, purchasing, or utilizing DWDM, ROADMs, network Routers and network Switches, this report will become your major tool.

5G is going to be much more than an incremental improvement from 4G LTE; it is going to be an entirely new architecture that brings dramatic capabilities and features.

Us Submarine Cables
This report provides detailed forecasts of expected international traffic; new, unannounced cables likely to be required and the routes; and suggestions as to who the owners/builders may be.


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