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Information Gatekeepers Analyst Quoted from
Two Recent IGI Reports

In interviews with America’s Network Weekly (Americas Network – March 1, 2004, “A rebuilt IXC goes the distance,” and “Verizon’s pipeline to the future,”) Clifford Holliday, an analyst and writer for IGI, discusses findings from his two most recent reports.

In the first article, Mr. Holliday elaborated on the use of advanced components in the next generation of long haul networks. These remarks were based on his recent report, “R-OADMs: Still with us in 2004!” He further noted for some IGI clients, “When you combine the ultra-long haul capabilities of today’s optics with the flexibility and reliability provided by the introduction of R-OADMs (Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers) the resulting network is as different from today’s DWDM networks as cans and a string are from a SONET network. The carrier can offer services that are very different from those available today, and everything is smaller, cheaper, faster!”

In the second article, Mr. Holliday provides growth estimates for FTTP. These estimates are based on his IGI report, “FTTP: A 2004 Perspective.” Mr. Holliday added, “One of the points of most interest from these forecasts is that by the end of this decade h-s access will have virtually eliminated dial-up access. Also, by that time over 80% of American homes will have h-s access. This is close to President Bush’s recently announced objective of having h-s access in every home by 2007.”

Dr. Polishuk, President of IGI commented on these issues, “We at IGI are proud to continue to be a source of the most up-to-the-minute information on the telecommunications industry. We strive to offer reports, conferences, newsletters, and web communications that are immediately useful. These interviews by Mr. Holliday are typical of the advanced thinking and information we offer our clients.”

Both reports are available on the IGI web site:

FTTP: A 2004 Perspective

R-OADMs: Still With Us in 2004!

Notes to the media:

For interviews with Dr. Polishuk or Clif Holliday, please contact Dr. Polishuk at 617-782-5033 or at

Charts and graphs from either report (“R-OADMs - Still with us in 2004” or “FTTP: A 2004 Perspective,”) can be made available to media outlets as needed.